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Interested in putting our cold brew coffee on draft?

Are you a restaurant, bar, retail space or vendor looking to add cold brew coffee to your location? Great, because Evil Twin Coffee Co. can deliver! We’ll help you get setup on your existing draft system or kegerator and get the coffee pouring in no-time.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

We’ve tested a lot of different cold brew methods and we’ve come up with a method that is consistent and delicious. We use 1 pound of our roasted coffee for each gallon of filtered water. We grind it coarse and let our coffee steep for 24 hours at 38 degrees. After it has steeped, we run it through a fine filter and we move it to a bright tank to infuse it with nitrogen for 4 to 6 hours. From there, we transfer directly to our 5 gallon commercial kegs. The end product is a cold brew concentrate that ready to be served on your nitro draft system.

Why serve cold brew coffee on draft?

There a lot of benefits to serving cold brew coffee on draft.

  1. Kegged cold brew coffee has a shelf life of approx. 30 days
  2. It’s 60 to 70 percent less acidic than hot coffee
  3. The equipment requires relatively low maintenance
  4. It’s not labor intensive for your staff to pour the product
  5. It’s a great alternative coffee option that is perfect for the Florida climate
  6. If you’re serving alcohol this is a great additional mixer for craft cocktails
  7. Staff love it since there’s more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee

Schedule a tasting

If you’re interested in putting our cold brew coffee on draft, let us know and we can schedule a tasting and talk about pricing.